Duplifinder is a powerful all-in-one file management tool to find and remove all kind of duplicate files from your folders, hard disk, removable drive or network drives. Deletes duplicate email, contacts, notes, tasks from Microsoft Outlook folders. Compare, synchronize, move or delete your files or folders, also provides the ability to delete all junk files from your computer.





find duplicate files Find and remove duplicate files with Duplifinder

Duplifinder can help you to find and remove any duplicate file with the same name or same content. Predefined filter masks are provided to quickly and easily search for and find duplicate files. With Duplifinder you can:


Remove duplicate files
Remove duplicate pictures
Remove duplicate music
Remove duplicate video

outlook duplcates
Remove Outlook duplicates with Duplifnder

Duplifinder Outlook Scan utility that analyzes and removes duplicate Outlook entries. With Duplifinder you can:


Remove Outlook duplicate emails
Remove Outlook duplicate contacts
Remove Outlook duplicate appointments
Remove Outlook duplicate tasks
Remove outlook duplicate notes

compare folders Compare two folders with Duplifinder

Dulifinder Compare Folders utility that allows your to quickly and easily compare two folders across local drives, USB storage devices, or LAN drives. With Duplifinder you can:


Compare two folders
Synchronize/merge folders
Copy, Move and delete files or folders

clean junk files Clean junk files with Duplifinder

Duplifinder Junk Cleaner utility that remove junk files from your system. It scans your hard drive for potential junk files that include Internet Cache, history, temporary files, Recycle bin or recent documents, etc.

look for copies Look for the copies of certain files

Dulifinder Search Certain Files utility that will help you to select specific file from any specific folder in the computer and to search the same in the whole computer.



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