find duplicate files

Find and Remove duplicate files

Duplfinder is award winning find duplicate files comparison software for Windows and Windows 7, it created to help you find duplicate files, photos, outlook emails and much more on computer hard drive, network folders or mobile devices. Duplifinder application comes with a rich feature set. You can clean almost all format files format across multiple drives. The "Basic File Scan" function in Duplifinder can help you find and delete the duplicate files from your entire system.

You may follow the steps below to find the duplicate files:


1. Run Duplifinder by double clicking on the Duplifinder icon, then click "Basic" tab on the panel.

2. Select the folders or drive that you want to scan in the left column.

3. You will then have to set your preferences on the scan mode, filters, and things to skip. Here are options, you can find them on the right hand column.


Scan mode

Scan for same name (fast scan)
Scan for similar name (the mode allows you to set the similarity from 1%-100%)
Scan for same content (byte-by-byte comparison)
Scan for file name (scan only a specify file name)

Scan filter

All files
Documents (.doc,xls,pdf, etc)
Zero size files
Custom file types

Duplicates also have

Same size
Same date
same file extension

Don't scan

Skip zero size files
When file size less than (specify size of the file)
Protect system folders
Protect other system files (.dll,ocx, etc)
Ignore uninstall files of the software




4. Once you're done configuring, you can click Scan.


5. After scanning. all duplicate files will be listed and you can choose which ones the delete. You will also have the following delete options:


Remove to recycle bin
Delete directly
Move to a folder
Save result